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 Rules of the Server/Forum

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Rules of the Server/Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Server/Forum   Rules of the Server/Forum I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 10:19 pm

Rules are subject to change without notice. - Reversed

1. Be courteous to others. This includes cursing, racism, and spamming.
Breaking these rules can result in a warning to a ban.

2. This is an English server. ShadyCraft staff has to know what our players are saying.
Breaking this rule can result in a warning to a ban.

3. Respect all of ShadyCraft staff. Whatever they say goes.
Failing to respect staff can result in a warning to a ban.

4. Do not grief In-Game
Griefing will earn you the Ban Hammer.

5. Do not use caps. This can get annoying In-game and on the server.
Using caps can result in a warning to a mute.

6. Do not use hacks In-Game. This includes: Fly mod, X-ray, and Speed hack.
Hacking will result in a ban.

7. Do not make your Username inappropriate, or close to a staff members.
Doing this will result in a Ban. You will be able to make a new account with a different name.

8. Do not advertise other servers In-Game, or on the Forums.
Advertising will result in a mute to a ban.

9. Do not ever post pornographic pictures or talk sexually.
Doing this will result in a IP ban.

10. Do not try to handle problems yourself. That is the staffs job.
Trying to fix a problem will earn you a warning to a jail.

11. Do not upload malicious websites, or talk about viruses.
This will result in a ban.

12. Talk with proper Etiquette. Please spell everything correctly, or as close as you can.
Failing to use Etiquette will result in a warning to a mute.

13. Do not make several accounts.
Making more then one account will result in that account being banned, and a warning.

14. Do not Troll or Flame. This is just sad, and not funny.
This can result in a warning to a ban.

15. Do not Impersonate staff.
This will result in a ban.

These are all of the ShadyCraft rules. Failing to abide by these rules will result in consequences. If you have any questions about the rules, contact a staff member.

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Rules of the Server/Forum
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